Text Box:                        C.L. EDWARDS, INC.
               Phone     678-817-9751		Fax     678-623-3448

   Note:  Bookings must be made 2 weeks in advance of event.  Any cancellations by nonmembers  must  occur 
at least 1  week prior to event in order to receive refund.  Any cancellation by members must occur at least 1 
week  prior to event  in order to have hours credited back to member account.  Member hours will not be 
carried over to subsequent months.  For nonmembers- A credit card must be used to guarantee facility 
in order to  insure  conference room and  equipment are maintained in good order. 
For members—a $700.00 deposit will be held on your credit card until the end of your membership period.
There will be a transacttion fee added to  each credit card transaction. Note—User will be held liable for
damages .   Additional damage costs may be applied to your credit card.   Please print form, complete, sign.
C.L. Edwards, Inc. will not be responsible for tenant  property or  injury to tenant.  This is  a  non-smoking
facility.  We conduct video monitoring  in public areas  of premises. User access code will be  made active
30 minutes  prior to event.   For members only(Conference room must be vacuumed,  user belongings 
removed,  dry  erase board  cleaned, bathroom cleaned, vinyl  covers on chairs cleaned, tables/chairs cleared
and properly placed,  blinds  closed,  and door must be locked  no later than  1 hours  following event to Insure 
deposit refund).  Hours  exceeding  booked hours will be billed at 4 times  your current rate and a $200.00
penalty will be applied against your deposit.  A $ 50.00 per trip charge will be billed each time conference room 
door is left  unlocked after  an event. (1 hour is allowed after each event for clean-up) .  We  accept   Visa,
Mastercard,   American Express, and  Discover.  Memberships are nontransferable.   For membership availability
please view our  member  calendars from Conference Centers page at www.cledwards.com.  

APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP   Yes                    /                           No                        (Circle one)  

_____MEMBER          (60/ month  0  17 people)    /    (100/ month  18 to40 people )                (Circle one)
_____NONMEMBER  (180 /day - 6 hrs  0 to 17 people)  /  (200/day - 6 hrs  18 to 40 people)  (Circle one)

NAME ___________________________ Social security # (members only)______________________________

EMAIL ____________________________PHONE NUMBER __________________ #OF PEOPLE__________

Party Name __________________________________    

Nonmembers  Section                   Office use Room Cost______    = Total_______

Start Date_________Start Time____ End Time_____End Date  __________Start Time   ___ End Time____
Members   Section                        Office use  Room Cost_______+700 deposit =

Member Week # requested______        Day requested________     Time Slot requested  __________________

Office Use Only  (Complete for member applications only)
Week # given_____  Day given_________  Time Slot given_________   Effective date_________ End date______

Yearly  memberships must be paid one year in advance. Memberships must be guaranteed on a credit card.  Member
conference  Members will be given a specific day  and time slot each month for meetings. If  day is missed, member
must reschedule  based on room availability or lose  hours. 
____________________  _______   Please attach a copy of drivers license next page
Signature				Date

Credit card #___

              Name on card    

                   Expiration date






Card Type

Billing Address

                  City, State